Teeth Whitening

Reminerialization Treatment $49

1.Essential After Tooth Whitening Treatment 2. Restores, rebuilds and revives tooth enamel 3.Restores natural shine to teeth 4. Removes Sensitivity

Initial Teeth Whitening Treatment $199

Your first experience at Elegance Medi Spa in Vancouver consists of an in-office treatment (approximately 30 min) that will give you a colour boost and leave teeth two to eight shades whiter.

Touch up Treatment $99

Our teeth whitening treatment will last four to six months, depending on your lifestyle and habits. When you notice your smile looking a little dull, book an appointment for a touch-up. Your touch-up or colour boost is exactly the same as a regular whitening session.

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Home Teeth Whitening with LED Activator $49

Elegance Med Spa offers an opportunity to get white teeth, with our quick, effective, affordable at home teeth whitening kit. Teeth bleaching has become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures performed today. Now you can whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home. Our teeth whitening gel is comprised of hydrogen peroxide as recommended by giving you the ultimate whitening experience