Lipo Laser

The Lipo-Laser’s non-invasive treatment is considered one of the most innovative method to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve body contour. The Lipo-Laser is an FDA approved, physician validated technology. The treatment is not based on heat development but on photochemical and photobiological effects on cells and (tissue. When the laser radiates the adipocytes adipocytes are present in the adipose tissue and store energy as fat) the contents of the cells move out of the cell membrane and become liquefied and are easily removed from the body. The breakdown of the fat stored inside the fat cells is known as lipolysis.


  • Non- invasive
  • No injections
  • Pinpoints target treatment areas.
  • No swelling, bruising or dimpling post treatment
  • Completely painless
  • No side effects (selectively radiates only fat)
  • Body contouring an reduction of cellulite
  • Pre and post surgical Lipo-suction (decreases recovery time post liposuction)
  • Reduction of fat cells, cell regeneration, improves circulation.
  • Immediate results after one half hour treatment and you can lose from ¾ to 1 inch.
LipoLaser paddles containing laser diodes that emit specific wavelengths of light designed to target fat cells (630 – 680nm) are placed on the patient’s skin for 10 minutes per treatment area. Laser energy safely and painlessly penetrates several millimeters into the subcutaneous adipose or fat tissue layer. The adipose cell walls are made permeable for a temporary period allowing cell contents to spill out into the interstital space. The fat (in the of triglycerides) is converted to free fatty acids(FFA’s), water and glycerol.