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Elegance Medi Spa combines the artistry of aesthetics with innovative medical technology and techniques in a luxuriously tranquil spa environment. The benefits of this unique relationship between beauty, medicine, and wellness are unrivaled. We look forward to helping you enhance your natural beauty.

Elegance Medi Spa                                 Elegance Medi Spa (in Wellness Center)

2692 West 4th Ave                                  4071 Kingsway

Vancouver, BC V6K 1P7                        Burnaby, BC (by Patterson Station)

604 336 4339                                           778 987 9890

Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm               Sunday-Thursday 10am-6pm


Elegance Medi Spa                                  Elegance Medi Spa            

110-894 Langford Parkway                  561 Johnson St., Unit 105                             

Langford, BC  V9B 0A7                         Victoria,BC V8W 1M2

250-474-3313                                            250-383-9336

Elegance Medi Spa                                  Elegance Medi Spa

283 Tache Ave                                           214-3521 8th St. E.

Winnipeg, MB                                            Saskatoon, SK
10-8pm Monday to Sunday

204-963-8513                                             306-974-2400

Elegance Medi Spa

L1-1235 Broad Street,

Regina, SK


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